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HYDROLYZED BOVINE COLLAGEN : Hydrolyzed bovine collagen, derived from cow hides and connective tissues, undergoes hydrolysis to break down collagen molecules into smaller peptides, enhancing its digestibility and absorption.

The benefits of hydrolyzed bovine collagen are wide-ranging. It improves skin elasticity, hydration, and appearance, reducing wrinkles and sagging. It supports joint health by reducing pain and improving mobility. It strengthens bones by aiding in their formation and mineralization.

Collagen’s amino acids benefit gut health, aiding in intestinal repair, nutrient absorption, and overall digestive well-being.

Additionally, it aids in muscle recovery, promotes hair and nail growth, and potentially supports cardiovascular health, weight loss, and sleep quality. Individual results may vary, and consulting a healthcare professional is advisable before starting any new supplement regimen.