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Plant-based Protein Blend

Pea protein, being a nutritional powerhouse with unique benefits, is the backbone of Core VEGAN. Not only is pea protein one of the most complete plant protein sources, it also confers some unique benefits. One of these benefits is that it is derived from a source that is hypoallergenic, meaning it is a preferred protein source for those who have dietary restrictions. Pea protein is also rich in essential and branch chained amino acids, making it great for muscle building and recovery. An 8-week study made up of 15 participants showed that when consumed along with resistance training, pea protein elicits just as much muscle protein synthesis as its whey counterpart. When it comes to digestibility, 95-98% of the proteins in peas are digestible, which makes its absorptive properties optimal. The minimal processing that is done also removes the fibers and starches that can prolong digestion and reduce its absorptive properties.

Much like peas, brown rice is derived from a source that is hypoallergenic making it a great alternative for those with dietary restrictions, especially lactose intolerance. In studies when compared to whey, participants who also engaged in physical exercise exhibited similar responses in metrics that were measured. These included decreased soreness, improvements in power, increases in muscle mass, as well as decreases in body fat.

To summarize the qualities of these two complimentary protein sources, their benefits include:

  • Low allergenic response and suitable for those with dietary restrictions.
  • Similar amino acid structure and muscle building response when consumed along with resitance training.
  • High bioavailability and digestibility, reducing bloat and increasing protein delivery to tissues.

Vegan Coconut Oil Creamer

Medium chain triglycerides are a form of fat with 6-12 carbon fatty acid esters, a chemical structure that allows them to effectively bypass gastric uptake for transport directly to the liver for oxidation. Their unusual chemical structure and metabolic process has resulted in MCTs being a focus for a wide range of therapeutic and exercise supplement uses.

In the context of exercise science, recent research has shown that MCTs significantly (up to 65%) increase resting energy expenditure, along with dose-dependently reducing fatty acid deposition in adipose tissue. These results suggest that MCTs are effectively increasing the body’s metabolic response to food intake.

This vegan coconut oil creamer also imparts a rich smoothness to this plant-based protein blend, giving it a pleasant mouthfeel unlike most vegan proteins on the market.

Vegan BCAA

Proteins have been talked about as being one of the most beneficial nutrients for your body when it comes to growth, maintenance, and support. But when we dive deeper into proteins, we discover that they are made up of their own building blocks called amino acids. When it comes to skeletal muscle, the BCAAs (Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine) are the most important. These three separate amino acids single handedly influence the actions of muscles, including the rate at which muscle grows, its power output, its endurance, etc. Like we said before, even those following an animal free diet deserve gains too! We have added vegan BCAA, in the research-backed 2:1:1 ratio, to our Core VEGAN protein to fill in the gaps and help support the BCAA’s already found in the protein sources included. This makes for an internal environment that will help delay muscle soreness, decrease recovery times, as well as positively impact your body composition goals. To sum up what a large body of evidence has already exhibited, BCAA can:

  • Delay/reduce the onset of muscle soreness after intense exercise.
  • Decrease muscle recovery time between bouts of intense resistance exercise training.
  • Positively impact body composition when combined with proper diet and exercise.


We know that digestion and absorption is an extremely important, and often overlooked property of many diets. Digestive enzymes are then equally overlooked and forgotten when it comes to a supplementation regimen. These powerful little protein structures influence many complex processes that occur within our bodies. In a fitness-specific context, digestive enzymes play an absolutely crucial role in the breakdown of dietary carbohydrates, fats, and proteins into their constitutive parts, and therefore allow your body to use them in various processes (glycogenesis, protein synthesis, etc).

As you have probably seen by now, we here at Core Nutritionals do not cut corners. Like our whey blend counterpart Core PRO, we have added the comprehensive and clinically proven benefits of digestive enzymes into Core VEGAN. DigeSEB™ is comprised of amylases, proteases, lactases, amylases, and cellulases, allowing for a full and complete breakdown of every component.

DigeSEB™ ensures that Core VEGAN not only tastes great but also increases the effectiveness of your pre- and post-workout nutrition in general