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VHi Fit

Liver Revive



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VHI Clinical Liver formula was created to support all aspects of a healthy liver naturally. With 250mg of TUDCA per serving, this daily supplement may support already-healthy bile flow and prevent the build-up of hydrophobic bile acids, which are capable of causing liver damage. On top of TUDCA Liver Revive supports detoxification pathways and free radical expulsion with 500mg of L-Glutathione. To finish out the formula Liver Revive is packed with a 500mg dose of Phosphatidylcholine which aids in distribution of fat and cholesterol into extrahepatic (outside the liver) tissues. This is important as it reduces fat accumulation in the liver and supports detoxification processes.

The combination of these three powerhouse ingredients deliver a multitude of benefits to support detoxification and overall liver health! .