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Neuro 365 - Non-Stimulant Nootropic



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  • Enhance Memory Formation
  • Increase Mental Clarity
  • Improve Memory Recall
  • Elevate User's Ability to Aquire and Organize Mental Information

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Bacognize®: A proprietary Bacopa extract standardized to bacopa glycosides for adaptogenic support targeting cognitive wellness, memory, learning, focus, attention, mood, stress management, emotional balance, and circadian rhythm support for improved quality of life and quality of sleep.*

 Neurofactor®: Derived from whole coffee fruit, NeuroFactor® is clinically shown to significantly increase levels of a key neuroprotein (BDNF) vital to learning, memory, and higher thinking.* 

Sabroxy®: Sabroxy® is a standardized extract prepared from the dried bark of the Indian trumpet tree (Oroxylum indicum), contains a minimum of 10% Oroxylin A, to help improve memory and to support neuronal functions.* 

Lipidox™: Blend of Sunflower Seed Lecithin and Bovine Bile proprietary and exclusive ingredient that can help facilitate and improve the absorption of fat-soluble nutrients.*

D-Serine: A potential endogenous ligand for the NMDA receptor, which is the main receptor in the CNS that promotes long-term potentiation and subsequent neuroplasticity.*

 Dimethylglycine (DMG): Another known agonist of the NMDA-receptor that can co-bind with other ligands like D-Serine and L-Glycine.  DMG can also act as a methyl donor in the synthesis of methylfolate.*

Fisetin: A flavonoid compound with antioxidant properties.  Also a sirtuin-1 activator, promotes long-term potentiation, and a known senolytic compound.* 

L-Theanine: Has the ability to increase focus for a solid mind-muscle connection and can reduce stress levels to promote calmness.* 

Lion’s Mane Mushroom: A medicinal mushroom that may support adult neurogenesis in the peripheral nervous system.*

 Rhodiola crenulata: A succulent plant found in high altitudes that may support cognition and support healthy stress levels.*

Sarcosine: Also known as N-Methylglycine, and a  co-factor for the NMDA receptor that is capable of co-binding with other potential NMDA-receptor ligands like D-Serine.*